Senior Java Developer

Senior Software Engineer
  • Location

    1: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

  • Experience

    6 to 8 years

Primary skills
Core Java 7 or 8 Spring and Spring bootstrap frameworks Webservices development RESTful API development using Java git, maven, jenkins, Azure Devops ci/cd pipeline Docker container Microservices development Linux
  • Secondary skills

    JWT, AWS Cognito API authentication, autherization

    MQTT, ActiveMQ or RabitMQ or Apache Kafka, Flink, Beam Elasticsearch, Kibana

    NodeJs Python, Php

    Android native Ap

  • Database

    NoSQL MongoDB SQLite DB MySql

  • Source Control/Build/CI/CD

    Git Jenkins Maven Testing Tools: BDD Gherkin, Swagger, Cucumber, Selenium, Pyunit, JUnit, MockTo

  • OS


Job Description

As Senior Java Developer, you will be developing webservices RESTful API stack to integrate with Web application and mobile application, API integration.

This poistion required highly contributon in web applications and RESTful API webservices development and integration, using Java, Apache frameworks, java, NodeJS, JWT, JQuery, mvn, yaml, MySql database, NoSQL MongoDB, Firebase.

You will also required to mvn build and deploy, develop CI/CD pipelines and containerization process development using tools such as Jenkins/Docker and writting unit test cases (JUnit, MockTo, Cucumber, Selenium, Gherkin BDD) and, perform code review and knowledge of code analyzer, JProfiler.

You are required to perform Web security vulnerabilities, follow the J2EE design patterns and how to apply them to various scenarios.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Java based client/server web app, webervices development, API integration using Apache open source frameworks

Microservices authentication and autherization

Continuous Integration and continues Deployment using tools (Jenkins/Azure Devops CI/CD pipeline)

Inter-app communication, Supporting various devices ranging from Web client and Android APIs.

Good understanding of asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX, JSON, JWT

Participate in Design, Development, Testing, Bug Fixing, in version control practices.

Attention to QA, UAT builds.

Clear and quick Use cases documentation.

Personal time management and reporting.

Preferred Tech and Prof Experience:

Experience in developing J2EE applications, webservices using MVC, MVP patterns.

Experience in Restful webservices, Stateful and Stateless services with JWT, JSON, Microservices.

Experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB/Cassandra

Experience with messaging/event driven architecture (exposure to tools such as Kafka/Flink/Storm,Mosquito etc.)

Experience in using test strategies and BDD methodologies.

Experience in Cloud (AWS/Azure etc).

Experience with Android/iOS App development is plus.

Experience in IoT, analytics, real time data stream using MQTT is more plus.

Should be Team player:

Passionate about new technologies and large scale systems

Focused on usability, maintainability and quality, building for the long term solutions.

Self learner looking for good hands on development work on new technologies

Should possess excellent analysis, communication and written skills

Position Provides Exposure to:

IoT application development using MQTT webservices, Android charts/graphs UI plugin usage.

Front End Skills: JavaScript, TypeScript or ClojureScript, CSS, HTML, Single Page Applications (ReactJS, Redux, RxJS, Angular 4), Responsive Design, iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin)

Back End Skills: Microservices, RESTful API, GraphQL, Node.js, JVM (Clojure, Scala, Java - Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, etc.), Database (Postgres, MySQL, etc.).

Data wrangling : Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, NumPy

Data Engineering: Kafka, NiFi, Storm,Flink, Hadoop, Spring XD/Spring Batch, Apache Spark (Scala or Python)

DevOps/Platforms: Azure DevOps, Amazon Web Services (S3, RDS, EC2, ECS, Lambda, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, etc), Terraform, Chef, Docker, kubernete.

Automation Testing: BDD Cucumber, Gherkin scripting, Selenium, Protractor, ATDD, Automated Performance and Regression/Functional Testing.

CI/CD: Jenkins, Azure Devops pipeline.

Build Tools: yaml, maven, gulp, git, npm, yarn, jenkins, Azure CI/CD pipeline.